The Truth the search of 'what'
The Truth the search of 'what'
  • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
  • ISBN 978-0-9780803-7-2
  • Format: Softcover 209 pages
  • Publication date: June 2013
  • Price: @ $19.95 (CND) each


 The Middle Point – The Act of Emptiness

Through emptiness we are born, we live in emptiness, and into emptiness we return. For you cannot debate about emptiness, you can only be empty. A dialogue with the truth is not possible through debate. Everything else can become a religious lecture, or an educational talk, but not emptiness. Emptiness is always now. That is the truth. Can you see it? With the very effort to see it, it’s no longer now. With the very effort to say anything about it, it’s no longer here. Even a single thought is enough and the emptiness disappears, and the truth is no more.

I cannot talk about emptiness because its nature is thoughtlessness. So ‘What’ are we searching then for? The search of ‘What’ is not the search for emptiness, but the truth of it.  I cannot talk about emptiness, but I can talk about the truth of it. I will sit on the mind and ride the thoughts of the truth to help you be aware of your own thoughts, and emptiness might give you the truth beyond your mind. But there is no guarantee. There is no guarantee that I will succeed in helping you to remove your thoughts. Deep down in your mind you might not want it, you might be scared of the disconnection from it, or you might be indifferent to my attempts to help you remove your thoughts. You choose. I am indifferent to your choice. But I am not in-different to your truth because your truth is my truth as well. Actually, there is no my truth and your truth, only the truth right now. 


“The Middle Point is grounded and nourished in non-dual reality as a single divine reality with ultimate awareness being its essence. The human experiences of separateness, and the temporality of time and space are projections produced by the dualistic mind.

The dualistic and transient phenomena of this world are the complementary, cosmic play of the consciousness. In this playfulness, everything and nothing, every happening and non-happening in the now is sacred; the beginning and the end in itself. In everything, there is nothing, and nothing contains everything. That is the Wholeness.”

Ivan Rados ATMA

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