The Middle Point
The Middle Point
    • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
    • ISBN 978-0-9780803-4-1
    • Format: Softcover 214 pages
    • Publication date: December 2012
    • Price: @ $19.95 (CND) each

Also available in Kindle Edition


The Middle Point  … The need for meditation is a spiritual need, necessary for awakening to your inner truth. Awakening requires your intelligence. Meditation requires your love. When love and intelligence come together in intimate relation with one another, they create the space for awakening to happen. 

Ivan Rados ATMA – The Middle Point


“The Middle Point is grounded and nourished in non-dual reality as a single divine reality with ultimate awareness being its essence. The human experiences of separateness, and the temporality of time and space are projections produced by the dualistic mind.

The dualistic and transient phenomena of this world are the complementary, cosmic play of the consciousness. In this playfulness, everything and nothing, every happening and non-happening in the now is sacred; the beginning and the end in itself. In everything, there is nothing, and nothing contains everything. That is the Wholeness.”

Ivan Rados

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