The Language of Wholeness
The Language of Wholeness
    • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
    • ISBN 978-0-9780803-4-1
    • Format: Softcover 214 pages
    • Publication date: December 2012
    • Price: @ $19.95 (CND) each


 The Middle Point – The Act of Awareness

It is important to understand that I am not going to discuss any system of beliefs or dogma, or any contemporary philosophy or new age spirituality. I am not interested in metaphysics, because I am not dominated by the mind and possessed by dry thoughts. I don’t represent so-called religions, which has been exploited humanity for thousands of years. I am all for the true religion which deals with consciousness and being, not with the mind and its ideologies. I am here to offer you my understanding beyond the mind and its boundaries, how to awake in your consciousness, become aware of your being, and to be religious again.

Be open, receptive and listen with your heart. If you are listening with your mind, include the heart in that process. The mind can listen only to that which fits with its own structure of beliefs. Also, do not avoid listening to that which you see as a disturbance, otherwise you will work against your awakening.

I will provide an opening for you to love yourself through the Art of Meditation. I will guide you to the Language of Wholeness, but for that to be alive in your heart, you have to be aware that ‘I’ will not be present but only sharing information as it comes and goes like a swinging door. If you are looking at me as the source of your knowledge, you will be disappointed and in disagreement with your knowingness.

To speak the Language of Wholeness you need nothing, just a different attitude, and your commitment to be who you are naturally and existentially. You are always in the middle, that is the whole point of religion. You are The Middle Point and that is your Being.

Meditation means, dissolving, dispersing yourself before that being, absorbing yourself in the Middle Point, and consciously opening door of a new perception. The Art of Meditation means, speaking the Language of Wholeness.

Spontaneous Discourses on The Middle Point to disciples and friends in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 2011

“The Middle Point is grounded and nourished in non-dual reality as a single divine reality with ultimate awareness being its essence. The human experiences of separateness, and the temporality of time and space are projections produced by the dualistic mind.

The dualistic and transient phenomena of this world are the complementary, cosmic play of the consciousness. In this playfulness, everything and nothing, every happening and non-happening in the now is sacred; the beginning and the end in itself. In everything, there is nothing, and nothing contains everything. That is the Wholeness.”

Ivan Rados

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