THE MIDDLE POINT Unapproachable Approach

A disciple came to the master and asked for his blessing. The master said to him, “I will bless you when you write down all you understand about the religious life and what has brought you to it.”

The disciple went away and began to write. A year later, he came back to the master and said, “It has been a challenging year trying to understand the religious life and my own struggle to live it.”

The master read many thousands of words and said, “I can see your point and your reasons. You are very eloquent and clear in explaining your way, but it is too long. Go and try to shorten it a little.”

The disciple went away and after three years came back to the master with a shortened version of his understanding.

The master read it and said, “I can see your clarity, your perception, and your openness, but it is still a little long. Go and try to condense it.”

After seven years the disciple came back to the master. Bowing down, he offered him one page, explaining, “This is the essence of my life, and I ask your blessings for having brought me to it.”

The master read it and he said, “This is so simple and beautiful, but it is not yet perfect. Go and try to reach a final conclusion.”

So many years passed and the master started to prepare for his end. The disciple returned to him, kneeled before him, and handed him a single sheet of paper on which was written nothing.

The master placed his hand on his forehead and said, “Now you have arrived at understanding.”


This is the “unapproachable approach,” which I call the Middle Point. It’s the approach of the One-Self at the heart of everything. By taking this approach, you look at the world from the “beyond.” You find yourself in the process, the movement of “beyondness,” unfolding your ultimate truth in this moment, this point of now.

What is “beyondness”? It’s nothingness, with the properties of spacelessness, timelessness, and changelessness. Beyondness is awareness as conscious nothing, for only conscious nothing can contain conscious everything.

Beyondness is being that is infinite in extension and its all-pervading awareness of everything and all-quality of nothing. In infinite being there is no distance, because this being is not only everywhere, but equally every-where and in the same manner no-where.

All things in this reality have their function. It isn’t a matter of understanding, but a matter of a sudden happening. Beyondness is happening. Nothingness is happening. The universe just happened and is still happening.

It all about recognition, recognizing your real One-Self as happening, and being aware of it as nothing, as the point of now. This is the middle point. You actually achieve nothing, because you are it. If you realize this with awareness, you have attained the very point of now.

When you think you understand something, ask yourself: “Is there more? Is there something I haven’t fully resolved? Is there a higher meaning yet to come?” The ultimate understanding is inner understanding that there’s nothing to understand. That is the happening.

Life is meaningless if there’s no point in it. The point is awareness. This is the happening, the moment of beyondness in infinite being.

How can I describe the way of infinite being? How can I express it? What words will move your life in the direction of beyondness? What will turn you in the direction of being for others?

Don’t hang onto my words about being. There’s the possibility that my own words can be yours. But if you hang onto them, you may limit your own capacity to find out what is real for yourself.

I have to say something for nothing to appear. I have to say something in order for the energy to go inward. If I say nothing, you might stick to your habitual ways of non-being.

Infinite being is nothing special. Enlightenment is a very ordinary happening, a simple and innocent expression of nothingness, a humble and unpretentious experience of simply being joyful, radiant, and overflowing with love for life. Infinite being is ultimate awareness as ultimate love for everything—whether that is something or nothing.

Dismiss the idea of aiming for any special experience. There’s nothing in this world that will change your life forever. If you still have expectations, desires, and goals, realize right now that they are mistaken—errors of perception—and instead become receptive to the moment. Forget this moment and be receptive to the next. The next moment is already now. Can you recognize the point?

Ivan Rados The Middle Point


The Middle Point
The Middle Point
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I come across this September 11, 2009 article, “You’re not intelligent enough to marry, bride told” from Mail Online (UK’s news from the Daily Mail), where Scottish Social Services’ banned a woman from getting married as she was “not intelligent enough”

‘Social workers banned a young woman from her own wedding in an extraordinary row over whether she is bright enough to get married. Kerry Robertson, who has mild learning difficulties, was told her wedding was being halted just 48 hours before she was to walk up the aisle with fiancé Mark McDougall. She now faces a psychologist’s assessment to determine if she is too unintelligent to get married.’

A social service is nothing more than power politics, a desire to exploit and be powerful over others. Every social system depends on exploitation. Serving others seems a great virtue, however when you add social in front of that service, it then becomes mischievous.

There is a common belief that social workers are servants for the people. In the country where my body was born (the Former Yugoslavia), I remember my mother and all her friends being very afraid of social workers. They could come at any time and take your children away – for no reason at all. If you expressed a negative comment regarding an authority figure, or joked about the communist party, you could be punished and haveyour children taken away from you. You became a threat, an unsuitable cancerous part of society. Why is that? You are the property of the state, that’s why. You are owned by society.

When I was eight years old, my aunt told me about a story of the wicked witch who snatched children away from their families and cooked them in a large pot of boiling water full of carrots. I asked her who the wicked witch was and she said it was like a social services worker. In that country where my body was born, in orderto serve the people – to be a social worker – you had to belong to the communist party. If you belonged to a certain party, you were not serving the people, you were serving the party.

I lived in England for 10 years, and noticed how the people there were just as scared of social services as the people back in the Former Yugoslavia. One of my friends had a daughter who was five years old and when she injured the area surrounding her vagina; her father was disturbed by the thought of looking at the injury or even taking her to the doctor. When I asked him what the problem was, he said, “If I touch her vagina, she might talkto the other kids or even the teacher in Kindergarten or if I take her to the doctor, he may inform social services, who will immediately inform the police. Either way, I could be accused of sexual abuse.” I asked him why he cared when he knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong and he responded, “I know, but they don’t care. Once you are labeled by the authorities, they can come at any moment and take my daughter away from me.” I asked him what he ended up doing. He said, “I called my wife and asked her to come home immediately from work to look at the injury and take her to the doctor.” I said, “So, your wife came home then?” He said, “Yes, but she did not understand.” He went on to explain that his wife wondered why he had thought this was an emergency when he could have very easily taken care of it himself. He told her he had been afraid to handle the situation on his own. I could not believe what I was hearing. I said to him, “I understand your point, but I stilldon’t understand why you were – and still are – in fear? What is stopping you from being you? It seems youhave an obligation to someone, or something, but to whom? Who is your master? Who is your owner?” After that conversation, he stopped all communication with me. I know why – I had challenged his consciousness.

People are following orders and fulfilling obligations placed upon them by the authorities. People are unconscious. If you are unconscious, you will submit to authority, which ultimately creates slavery. Read more about this topic under ‘Submission to the collective unconsciousness is slavery’,

Just recently, the UK Government introduced an immunization program for teenage girls, to protect them from the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) which causes 70 per cent of cervical tumors. They vaccinated two million school girls, and two thousand of these girls suffered suspected ill-effects from this cervical cancer vaccine. Doctors’ reports show that girls of 12 and 13 years of age have experienced convulsions, fever and paralysis after being given this vaccine, which is now being administered in schools as part of an effort to prevent women from developing cancer. Others have suffered nausea, muscle weakness, dizziness and blurred vision, according to a special report drawn up by drug safety watchdogs:

Society is a disease. Social workers don’t serve the people’s needs; they serve the social needs and their own needs. They cannot exist without doing ‘well’ to someone else; they cannot exist without serving others. We need to wake up and become more mature in consciousness. Society doesn’t exist; it is just a consensus reality which means we are all indoctrinated to believe in it, we all unconsciously agree to its existence. Individuals do exist, and only individuals exist. God is individual – the Oneness. The Oneness is expressing itself through the infinite pieces, and every single individual piece – in its own individual divine right and freedom – acts as the Oneness. We are all God. No social justice, social revolution or social service can replace the individual divinity.

How does the motto, “My work is to serve”, sound to you? This motto is full of arrogance: “I am serving you foryour own sake” or in other words, “In serving you, I am saying that you are not intelligent, so trust me”.

Before you start serving anyone else, be absolutely humble. How can you serve anyone else unless you attainyour own inner consciousness, your own inner being first? If you own your inner light, you will shine with love and compassion. You will help the person to educate his own being. Education means to draw out your essence, intelligence, love and your consciousness. You will help the person to be free, to be an individual. Ifyou do not own your own ‘inner light’ you will create chaos, you will indoctrinate people. If you have a light within, naturally you will share it with the whole existence, but if you don’t, how can you share that which youdon’t have?

When you eliminate society, the service will still exist. But that service will come from love – to love. Society cannot teach you love, it can only teach you fear. Fear can only serve fear. The ego-mind can only serve the ego-mind. In serving society, you are serving fear; you are possessed by the social ego-mind. You are not, however, your social-mind. You are divine. You can only serve your divine One Self, you can only serve your individual love and compassion, and then you can share it with others. That is real service. Sharing is the only service you can give to the world. Service, without society, is transformational. In service to love, there is no conflict, chaos, orders, submissions, obligations or duties; there is only love and freedom. If the person you are serving wishes to attain his/her own inner consciousness, their own inner divine light, they have every right todo so. If a person does not wish to open to their being, you have to respect this, for this person is the oneness wanting to experience limitation.

And, who are you to tell people that they are not intelligent? Society does not like intelligence – it likes intellect – it likes the mind. That is why the current education system is really just indoctrination, a suppression of our intelligence. Do you know your center? Intelligence is something that comes when you dropyour intellect, your ego-mind. If you are really intelligent, you will put your mind where you put your shoes. The mind is just an instrument to be used, but not to be used by it.

If you are responding to your own inner consciousness, your being, you will discover love and compassion, and that is intelligence. If you are not aware of your love and compassion, you are not intelligent. You might be well educated, knowledgeable, popular, rich, respected and powerful, but if you are not aware of your own divine oneness in your being, then you are an ignorant individual.

A stupid person will say, “I know”; whereas an intelligent person will say, “I don’t know”. Do you see the difference? Move your attention to your own being. Acknowledge when you don’t know something. You are the unknown. The existence is unknown. The moment now is unknown. God is unknown. Pay attention to your inner unknown. The intelligence is diving with full consciousness into the unknown – with respect, gratitude, love and trust – with the fullness of your being. There is a transcendence of both the known and the unknown,where only stillness and silence prevails. That stillness is enlightenment. You can only attain that stillness in meditation.

Every child is born with intelligence, and almost ninety-nine percent of children lose this intelligence through social ‘education’. It is society that actually creates unintelligence. In fact, the whole education system blocks the flowing nature of no-mind, suppressing consciousness and denying divine existence. Instead of consciousness being divine, it becomes a utility. To be a utility is below dignity.

Intelligent people do not judge, criticize, condemn, punish or reward. An intelligent person does not function out of someone’s orders, ideas, ideals, conditions, obligations or duties – nor do they function out of their past experiences (social, cultural, national or religious past). The individual functions in the present moment of now. He/she does not react from the attached past or projected future, but responds from his/her own inner enlightened being. An intelligent person lives in the right moment of now, allowing his/her own heart to share the bliss of being, for being to being. The intelligent person is very responsive; not forcing anything upon the heart, but just allowing and supporting love and growth. We are all here to celebrate life, to be more blissful, ecstatically creative in celebration and intelligence.

Love is anti-social. When two lovers look into each other’s eyes, they are totally absorbed with one another, and don’t bother with what’s going on in the world around them. They do not follow orders, vote in polling stations or listen to presidents or prime ministers. They merge into each other – singing, dancing, loving – celebrating life. This is very disturbing for the social structure.

I would suggest that every prime minister, politician, judge, policeman, soldier, and social worker learn this meditation and only then – after attaining their being – should they be allowed to serve the people, not before.

Ivan Rados

September 2009

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Experience Conscious Living – Exclusive Interview with Ivan Rados

June 2011

BOYT: Please explain how you define consciousness, this term is often used but also often misunderstood.

Ivan: Consciousness cannot be defined, it has never been defined and it will never be defined. To define something you have to create a distance, you need to stand out of it; you need a space between definer and defined. How can you define yourself? If you are outside of yourself, who is there to define it? Everything else can be defined, watched, observed, experimented, moved, dissected, but not the definer, because everything else is before consciousness. Who will define consciousness? Consciousness is you. It is mystery not to be known, but to be lived. You can know outside, but you can never know inside—because you are already there, melted in oneness with the essence of you.

This is the paradox: those who claim to know the consciousness are unconscious, and those who come to a point where they don’t know the consciousness are conscious. If you say, “I am conscious,” then the question arises, “Conscious about what?” Consciousness has no idea of “I” or “Me”; it has no personality, no ego, no idea of one’s separation from the wholeness. It is one with the existence. It is flowing into the wholeness, and the wholeness is flowing into the one. Consciousness is a process, a flow like breathing—when you breathe in, the whole enters in you, when you breathe out, you enter the whole.

When we think about consciousness we usually think about the mind. The mind is not consciousness. The mind is using consciousness for its own existence. So, the mind cannot exist without consciousness, but consciousness IS the existence. Consciousness without thinking is awareness, or what I like calling it, The Infinite Consciousness. It is awareness that YOU ARE—whole, wholly, present, alive and infinite. It is not a thought; it is alertness without the thought. It is the essence of ALL THAT IS. What is IS at this moment of NOW. So, the moment of NOW is consciousness. Be in the moment and you are with it, you are IT.

BOYT: Many people hope to achieve a constant state of divine being, presence, consciousness but struggle. How does one achieve this state of being?

Ivan: When you identify with outside, accidental reality you have to struggle. So, from where is the struggle coming from? It is from the mind trying to achieve divine. The divine state of being is not an achievement, divine is already in you, it is you. You have to be conscious of it in order to be it. You have to be present in the moment of NOW to be the moment of NOW. There is no separation from you and the divine moment of NOW. It is available always; any time and yet timeless, any space and yet spaceless. Just a glimpse of the consciousness, a tiny fraction of awareness that you are as you are, relaxed and present with the essence, and the moment of NOW opens itself in you. In order to achieve that state of being, you have to totally trust “unknown”, with witnessing. Consciousness is the process of witnessing WHAT IS. Consciousness is the essential reality expressed in your individual reality. We have to be an individual witnessing, conscious of everything in order to be the essential reality. When there is nothing to witness anymore and only consciousness remains, conscious of itself, we become the whole. To achieve that infinite state of being, hope, belief, conflict or any doing will not you get you there; on the contrary, it will take you further and further from the essence of you. Only through witnessing responsiveness to each moment do you recognize your connection with the essence of What Is.

Consciousness is the essential reality. The mind is accidental reality. In accidental reality you have to doubt. In essential reality you have to trust. Doubting is the non-surrendering attitude—the attitude of judgments, conflict, fight, struggle. When the divine state of being becomes a hope, belief or a goal, you enter the conflict, suffering and struggle; you become the conflict, suffering and struggle.

Divine state of being is already the essence of WHAT IS. The immediate portal to it is surrender. What to surrender? You can’t surrender One Self to it because you are it. Divine is you forever, you are just not aware of it. You cannot surrender the essence, but you can surrender everything that is not yours, everything you identify and attached yourself with, your mind, your body, your beliefs, your knowledge your possessiveness, your unconsciousness. Surrendering means to be conscious of your unconsciousness. When everything becomes consciousness you attain unattainable.

BOYT: Are there people who, no matter what they do or try, cannot truly connect with a higher being or state of consciousness? If so, why?

Ivan: We are all deciding what to experience, even if that experience is constant failures. There are always valuable lessons in everything we experience. The failure to connect to the infinite being is not a failure; it is a process of expansion. It is like expanding intelligence infinitely. There is no status quo in existence. And another point, there is no backward movement. There is only forward. The wholeness is the infinite expansion in itself.

The failure might look like a deep suffering, but when you look from infinite perception, it all makes perfect sense. There is no non-sense in existence; everything is for a reason. What is the reason? I don’t know! It is not my individual reality. We all individually have infinite possibilities within us, and we can change our experience any moment of our inner decision. That is the power we all have. There is a saying: “God loves you infinitely. Out of God’s love you are free to choose anything you like. Your choice will be God’s command.”

What I know in my own experience of being in failure, of not connecting to my being, is my struggle and work to connect to it. It was my doing that kept me from my infinite being, creating conflict, struggle and frustration. What changed my approach was the non-doing act of The Middle Point. Non-doing act is watchful consciousness, or witnessing consciousness. Watchfulness is the greatest spiritual key to enlightenment. The deeper your watchfulness becomes, the deeper your connection with your awareness becomes.

Witnessing involves the present moment, right now and here. Whether you are at work, at home, shopping, on vacation, you carry that moment with you. Whatever you are doing, it is your mind that is doing it, not you. Your mind is your “doing, and every “doing” is always external and bombarded by thousands and thousands of sensual distractions. The present moment of now contains your “being.” This is always internal and filled with undisturbed stillness and calmness. It is non-temporal, non-local, non-spatial flowing. It is witnessing watchfulness.

Watch with awareness the entirety of a situation. Whatever is happening, or whatever you are doing, just be in alertness, in undistracted silence. Do not become preoccupied by expectations; nobody can predict outcomes, since ultimately outcomes are static and cannot exist. Do not participate in your observations. Through watchfulness, you will automatically go beyond polarities and be in witnessing. If you spread watchfulness throughout your day, a new consciousness will arise, and the Whole will rejoice.

Watch every act you do, every breath you take in and out, every thought that passes in your mind, every emotion that surfaces out of your darkness, every sentiment and reaction to things, every desire that takes possession of you, every gestures you body—walking, talking, eating. Move in your life continuously watchful. Watch outside passing phenomena, anything that comes and goes. Create the opportunity for everything to be watched. Watch everything. The whole point is not to get attached in what you are watching. When you are attached to what you are watching, the mind takes possession of you projecting a failure and the sense of guilt, which is the greatest obstacle to meditation.

If you forget your watchfulness, don’t become miserable or with guilt. Remember, it is natural. The moment you remember, again watch. When you watch, clarity arises, and out of your clarity gracefulness arises. With watchfulness the energy is not going to the mind and its thoughts. The mind is becoming less stable, less concrete, and more transparent. As the thoughts start disappearing, the clarity arises. The mind becomes no-mind. It becomes a mirror of what is.

BOYT: To be able to experience the ultimate state of consciousness, do you find it’s only possible through meditation?

Ivan: I am proposing The Middle Point to the Ultimate State of Consciousness. Every point towards awakening is easy, but we are not the point. All methods, all techniques in the world are not for the point, but towards the point. The pointalready exists. You are the point. There is nowhere to go, there is no need to go, and there is NO ONE to go. You are already enlightened. That is the truth. It is a question of awakening to this truth. It is a question of discipline. The Middle Point is the Point of discipline; it is a Point of consciousness. To understand this Middle Point discipline, or more precisely, the pointless point, we have to understand two historic paths; the path of meditation and the path of love.

Historically the path of meditation and the path of love have been seen with diametrically opposite values, with different directions, different methodology and attitudes in search for the enlightenment. In order not to be confused one has to decide very clearly what to practice, and stick to that decision.

Through meditation you are alone in your search for the ultimate truth; through love you are with the other in search for the ultimate truth. Through meditation you will be in love; or through love you will be in meditation, and either way you will be one with the Whole. The two paths move differently but they meet at one point as one realization. Like a mountain, all ways up the mountain lead to the same top.

In love, one plus one is one, two beings are simply present to each other in oneness, doing nothing, like two mirrors reflecting each other, being in each other’s presence, illuminated and saturated by the other. In that state of consciously reflecting each other, consciously melting in each other’s joy, awareness comes on its own accord.

In meditation one plus one is zero. You are alone, there are no others, only your awareness doing nothing, reflecting itself, and love comes on its own accord. Once you settled in meditation you are in rhythm with existence, and love becomes a consequence. When you are in love with One Self, you are in love with the whole.

The path of meditation is to understand the mind and expand the consciousness, until you reach the boiling point where you ultimately melt in oneness.

The path of love is to disconnect the consciousness from the mind, and devote it to divine. Then you love for no reason, no demands, no possessiveness or conditions. You enter a pure meditation and become the wisdom. You love because you are love. You love because you are fully aware of One Self. To be saturated with that truth is enlightenment. To share your enlightenment with the rest of of the world is compassion. You recognize your inner divine love in meditative state of being, and out of your recognition, you share it with the whole existence.

If you decide to follow the path of meditation, choose the method that brings excitement and joy. Certain meditation methods can help you to reach certain states. When you reach that state, move on to another method. Be in tune. You have to know that the method cannot lead you to the end; it is only a passenger to your journey towards eternity.

Love is not a technique. Love is methodless approach. It is not about traveling through the mind in order to attain the no-mind; it is intimate love-relation with eternity in this moment of now. Learn a meditative state of patience. Meditative-love is one feeling of two hearts, your heart and divine heart beating in the same rhythm.

The whole point of the Middle Point is to be in meditative-love, methodless, nontechnical, in non-doing. Through the effort you attain effortless being. Lao Tzu says, “Open now,” meaning, give up the search, give up the method. Use the method with awareness and drop it immediately. If for some reason you are not able to do that, you can try again, and again. Be aware, in trying you can become locked in the method, it can become your addiction. In trying to love you are trying to fulfill your ego. Love and meditation are happening. There is no destination. You are the end point of your beginning.

Don’t journey, don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t demand—just be where you are at this moment. Relax and do nothing. Wherever you are, you are in the moment, just relax. If you relax in the moment, you are as you are. If you relax, you start vibrating with What Is. That is methodless method, real Middle Point.

BOYT: When not in a space or a place of mediation, how can one begin to incorporate that feeling or divine state of being into their daily life?

Ivan: When you are not in consciousness, you are unconscious. In unconsciousness you cannot incorporate the divine state of being into your daily life. In unconsciousness you are in attachments to your past actions and reactions. You are not, the society is. In order to incorporate the divine state of being, you have to bring consciousness in every act, in every moment of your life. You have to be in the meditation in order to be the meditation.

BOYT: What type of mediation do you practice or recommend and why?

Ivan: I can recommend this method which I call “Ordinary moment as a method to discipline One Self’ from my new book The Middle Point..

Live this moment of your ordinary life or your discipline is bound to become something of an escape. When this discipline has really deepened, the mind will melt in nothingness, and time will disappear. Time and mind are nothing but two aspects of the same thing. The time is the mind and the mind is the time. It is an invention in order for the thoughts to exist.

The whole point of this simple discipline is to stop the mind activities instantly, without warning.

Whatever you are doing, walking, working, talking.., suddenly stop yourself and remember. Whatsoever the situation, stop yourself completely, no movement, just be present to whatsoever is happening NOW. Then start moving again. Do the stop meditation for 30 seconds, at least seven times a day, or as much as you can. Do not plan stopping, do it out of blue, it has to be done suddenly.

The mind means continuity of thoughts. By stopping your doing and being aware of the moment, the continuity that was going on in the mind stops. The purpose of this shock meditation technique is in stopping the mind, creating the gap between the thoughts, so that the mind becomes open. The mind needs time to continue thinking in unpredictable shocking situations. Observe the situation with awareness. Do not try to activate the mind to find a rational explanation of your irrational behavior. Not only will you become aware, others will become aware of your change of energy. Something has entered in you from the unknown and others are noticing it.

Discipline is not an experience; it is to become aware of the experiencer. Look with dispassionate eyes. Just watch and remain attentive in the watching.

BOYT: Why as a society are we so conflicted in the idea to surrender?

Ivan: The mind is afraid to be vulnerable, so it defends against what it does not know. This is normal survival response; perhaps the result of a time when being vulnerable was not safe. But back then, you did not have the capacity to create a feeling of safety internally. Now you do— this is the difference. Now, you can choose to simply allow life to flow and feel safe within. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no goal to reach in a distant future. Just be aware, relaxed and allow life to be in the moment of now. Life is nowhere else than in this moment now. Bring awareness in the moment of now and you will be allowing life to flow freely. That is surrender.

Blissful existence in this moment of now is a miracle. In this moment of now, everything is possible. When you get rid of the concept of “impossible” and allow yourself to sink into the now, you will experience One Self as the miracle. That is the real magic of knowingness; knowing your miraculous existential nature. The “impossible” is blocking you from WHAT IS. If you surrender everything that is not you, you will attain that which you ARE. Surrender is letting go. You can only let go of that which is not yours. The ownership of that which is not ours is your attachment. All our attachments come from one source, one big attachment—our mind.

Surrender means emptiness, trust and relaxation. It means you don’t see life through the mind, but through Consciousness, through your real One Self. Surrender harmonizes, rejuvenates and heals you. Once you know how to let go, you now know one of the great secrets in life. In total surrender, there is spontaneity, and whatsoever comes out of spontaneity is God.

BOYT: Is it possible to achieve a state of the highest consciousness without total surrender?

Ivan: No! Total surrender is total consciousness.

BOYT: What changes in life when you experience total surrender and consciousness?

Ivan: The obvious change is the clarity. You perception is absolutely clear; the sense of infinite joy for no reason; total relaxation with what is at the moment; no thoughts confusing the stillness of the joyful moment; no past no future; nothingness, stillness, soundless, spaceless. There is no I, Me, Mine—just Wholeness.

BOYT: If you can offer three suggestions to implement that would change one’s life dramatically, what would you suggest?

Ivan: In this reality we exist in three layers: the body, the no-mind and the soul. Whatever we do, we are doing it in three ways, either through the mind, or through the body or through the soul. Love is the Oneness. In this reality when we love through the body it becomes sex; when we love through the mind, we fantasies in romance; when we love through the soul we become kind. Three energies acting differently, but they are the same.

The whole of existence is vibrating and pulsating with the sound vibration of OM. It is the original and primordial sound which brought the universe into existence. OM is also known as the “Unstruck Sound.” It was not created by the clash of two things coming together. Rather, it is beyond duality; it is the sound of Oneness. The sound can only exist if there is something there to create it. The Mind creates the sound because the mind is the sound. Sound is the property of the mind; but no-mind is filled with OM. OM is the real nature of no-mind spaceless nature. OM consists of A-U-M, a symbol of three basic musical notes. AUM represents inner music, inner harmony, and inner humming soundless sound. If those three musical notes becomes one, there is silence. The same way, when we unite three layers of our existence in this reality in one (the body, the no-mind and the soul), we attain consciousness. When the manifested and unmanifested function together in deep accord we enter the wholeness.

Respect your body. Doubt your mind. Trust your Soul.

Use those three suggestions together in perceiving every situation in your life, every moment you are in, and you will hear soundless consciousness.

BOYT: What part does poor health play in a disconnection from consciousness?

Ivan: Everybody is born with possibility to remain healthy and happy, but something is missing and everybody becomes unhealthy and unhappy. Health is natural, disease is unnatural. Disease is an indication that you are separated from your existential nature. Disease is a state of uneasiness and imbalance. Whenever you find yourself with disease, that means you are doing something unnatural to create it. Unnatural means the balance with the Whole is lost; you have been diverted from your natural flow. Every obstacle is obstructing your natural, healthy flow. The mind is disease, obstructing and suppressing consciousness. Your Infinite Consciousness is health. Health is natural process of your being. Health will arise out of the removal of the disease. When you remove the rock blocking the spring flow, the spring will start flowing again. Health is not in rock, the rock was blocking the flow of health. The mind is blocking the flow of health in this very moment now.

Illness is different from disease. Illness is warning you, talking to you, pointing a direction you have to take; asking you for your acceptance, for your expression, for the transcendence, for your awareness, your consciousness. If you are not listening; if you are not in tune with the nature, you are repressing your consciousness, which is creating the experience of the dis-ease. You are avoiding the warning and repressing One-Self.

There is nothing wrong with being ill. Sometimes it is very good to fall ill. A healthy person has to experience illness sometimes, to pass through it to attain health again; new freshness, new rejuvenation, greater wellness. Existence is always going through the opposite poles in this moment of now, but it is not attached to any part of it, always changing, never staying the same. Everything that changes is alive; everything that becomes stagnant dies. That is the nature; always flowing, changing, and moving from one side of extreme to the other. Going through opposites, without attachments, always gives freshness, blissfulness, healthfulness.

If you fall ill and have to go to bed, take it as a blessing from the Universe. Take it as the opportunity to cleanse and harmonize again. Rest your body on the bed. Mediate. Meditation is medicinal. Close your eyes and look at the illness. Watch the illness, the pain, body imbalance and don’t try to analyze or project. Do not attach to the illness or pain. Do not identify with it. You are not illness and you cannot be in pain. Do not attach to the thoughts. Just watch. Do nothing. The whole body might be tired, in pain, tensed or feverish, but do nothing, just watch. The more you watch without attachment and identification either to objective (your feverish body sensations), or subjective (tensed thoughts and overexcited emotions), you will become aware of a peaceful, calm, and healthy point within you. The fever might be around, but you are grounded in your inner centre, in the moment of now. Your inner centre is the one centre of All That Is. Your innermost centre is a portal for Infinite Energy of Oneness to overflow the body with Infinite Joy for simply being. The body will harmonize naturally.

The temporary afflictions of body and mind, and the confusion, stress and suffering they cause, can temporarily shadow and obscure the fundamentally clear and natural flow of the Infinite Health within. Whatever we see in our reality is nothing more than our projection coming from our own definition of inner self, imprinted or borrowed from others in order to experience limitations and learn. We are all learning about One-Self. When we uncover and make contact with this essentially pure nature of One-Self, and when we have developed an inexhaustible source of inner love and compassion to it, we can then see the reflection of this purity in everything and everybody; we can then see and experience the flow of health in our reality. But if we have not uncovered and not contacted the quality of health within One-Self, we will see and experience Self, not as One, but as separate, and we will see ourselves and everything and everybody else as limited, poor health and diseases.

BOYT: As a society we are beginning to understand the link between emotion and illness, what are steps that we can take to truly begin the healing process?

Ivan: We have to accept the Body as One System. The system is perfect as it is, but there is one loophole—the mind. The mind is controlling emotions and emotions are triggering body reactions. The mind is controlling the body through emotions.

Every organ, every cell, every part of the body, visible or invisible is constantly signaling and communicating with the brain, bi-computer, and other organs in the system, and receiving signals from them via hormones in an infinitely complex, continuous feedback loop. The mind cannot exist without the brain, and it cannot control the body without it; it is impossible. The endocrine system in the body is the link between our emotions and our physical bodies, and the relationship is circular, more precisely spiral or fractal. The emotions have a powerful physical effect on our body via shifting neurochemical levels, and our neurochemical balance has a powerful effect on our emotions.

For example, the pituitary gland is located in the hypothalamus region of the midbrain. The hypothalamus is part of the limbic system, known as the ancient “reptilian” brain that governs our emotions and instinctual processes such as sleep, hunger, thirst and sexuality. The brain is in constant communication with the endocrine system through the neurotransmitters in the brain, known as chemicals neuropeptide. Our excitement is processed in the brain and neuropeptides act as messengers within the nervous system, enabling different parts of the body to act as one system. The hormonal signals from the pituitary gland are in constant communication with the various other glands for appropriate physical and behavioral response. The hypothalamus makes use of some of the neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine) that have been connected with the management of the endocrine system. The brain constantly monitors and regulates billions of electrical and chemical impulses. Neurotransmitters released from nerve endings, transmit impulses to other nerves, organs and muscles in the body.

On the surface of a cell are receptors. Each receptor acts as a lock for a particular neuropeptide, which slips in like a key and turns on the relevant body process. Emotions and thoughts are the triggers that send a surge of neuropeptides through the body. Emotions fluctuate from anger to pleasure— neuropeptides sweep through the body system in response, signaling physical changes such as a rise in blood pressure or relaxation of muscles. Thoughts fluctuate from accepted to rejected, positive, negative—neuropeptides sweep through the body system in response confusing the body and making it more stressful.

Emotions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, coming from anxious mind are affecting the immune system, reducing the cellular activity and antibody productions.

Without consciousness the mind, with its thoughts, beliefs and definitions, is controlling emotions which are governing our reactions to ever-moving situations; we may get angry, jealous, depressed or react in fear. The mind controls emotions by freezing the body movements, stiffening the jaw, tightening the neck and belly and holding the breath. The way we hold our body tells a lot about what kind of emotions are buried underneath our awareness. Encouraging movement where the body is frozen helps to free the emotions and restore vitality and motility.

The main way of freezing the body energy and burying emotions in unconsciousness is through the mind. The mind sees the world in terms of its desires and pleasures. The mind’s main motivation is to make sure that the pleasurable desires are gratified. Emotions are not in the body, but in the mind. In the body are the hormones and the mind is interpreting them as the emotions. Not allowing hormones from endocrine glands to move freely through the body, is the mind freezing the body and controlling the consciousness.

Hormones are chemical substances, conveyed by the bloodstream to effect physiological activity, including growth and development, cellular metabolism, water and electrolytes, energy, blood balance of nutrients, reproduction, and the body’s immune defenses against stressors. Hormones actually act as messengers, creating harmony and homeostasis through the facilitation or inhibition of bodily function.

Each hormone is designed to transmit its message only to certain target receptor cells that are capable of recognizing that particular hormone. Hormones act by turning on or off the genes for a special function, or by regulating the rate at which these functions are performed. Height, weight, growth, maturation, adaptation to stress, sexual response, reproduction and aging are determined by this “on and off” system.

With constant daily stress, worries, anxieties, guilt, fear, we lose the ability to produce many of our vital hormones, resulting in a myriad of symptoms. These may include heart disease, impotency, poor memory, arthritis, cancer, obesity, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, and many other diseases.

We all have a choice: to repress or to transcend. Repression is about fragmentation; it’s the activities from the mind. Transcendence is about union, the act from the Whole. The energy of repression accumulates in your unconscious and you become that which you repress. Whatever you throw into the unconscious goes into every muscle, every bone, every cell in your body. It operates in secret and shapes your reality from there. As you begin to express your repressed energies, you bring them into consciousness and begin to heal them. Express whatever you are experiencing, otherwise you close the door to your being, to your Soul;. Express it all, the beautiful and what you consider ugly about yourself. Just don’t go throwing it mindlessly at someone else. You don’t want a chain reaction of causes and consequences to deal with later. Choose to create, with the intention of experiencing freedom.

Express the repressed energies through the act of BEING in the moment of now, whether jogging, painting, gardening, walking, and swimming, bring awareness; be an observer, be a witness of the act. You can scream, cry, laugh—just be aware of the energy and watch it as it moves from, into, through and out of you, to you. Even if you become frightened of this raw and powerful energy, do not stop it or it will get repressed again by your mind. The repressed energies need to be transcended. By expressing the repressed energy consciously, you are transcending, relaxing, moving, changing and transcending. You are transcending misery into joy.

The ability to act is the ability to respond in life. That is what responsibility is; the ability to act with consciousness, responding from the moment of now. Responsibility in life arises when you see that you have infinite power to be creative and are free to exercise it. Allow your tears to roll down your face, cry your emotions of helplessness out. Allow emotions to surface, do not repress thoughts, do not fight them, do not think them. Accept everything. Acceptance is the act from the Whole. The Whole is always in the act of giving you the chance to transform and grow. Accept your helplessness, your misery, your anxiety, your illness. Do not fight it, do not create more conflict in your life; just bring in the moment of now into your consciousness. By embracing and accepting your imperfections, your limitations, your madness, your disease and your helplessness, you will be accepted by the Divine.

So keep moving, flowing and loving. Live your life fully, naturally, non-intensely. Live your life totally. Only totality can be in total act of now.

June 2011

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