The Middle Point

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The Middle Point is “unapproachable approach.” It’s the approach of the One-Self at the heart of everything. By taking this approach, you look at the world from the “beyond.” You find yourself in the process, the movement of “beyondness,” unfolding your ultimate truth in this moment, this point of now.

Ivan Rados

You Are Perfect as You Are

Maybe you might have forgotten what it is to be enlightened. You might be sleeping and have become lost in the dramas and dreams of your mind; but once you remember your nature, you awaken to the state of enlightenment. You have already attained enlightenment because you are infinitely now.

We forgot our enlightenment when we learned the consensus ways of the mind. Just a little push, a little effort to provide an opportunity to enter into a love of the meditative state, and you will find the source of wholeness within you.

Our enlightenment is in the now; it is the now. Not being in the moment is the cause of all of our miserliness. The person who cannot give One-Self to the moment becomes incapable of receiving from the moment.

Don’t ask God to give to you. Give One-Self to the moment now, and God will give you infinity. Do you need anything else when you have infinity in your being?

The person who is afraid to melt with the moment becomes closed in their being. That person becomes enmeshed in thoughts of lack. God is absent from all thought of something missing, something lacking.

Enlightenment isn’t something you have to achieve. You cannot “do” being in the now, since it’s your continual state of being. Enlightenment happens in a state of non-doing. You are already enlightened. God means nothingness. Just tune into your being and do nothing. Be aware of the one who is aware. Enlightenment is only a matter of remembering. Remember your primordial awareness, your infinite being, and you will be a member of infinity.

Enlightenment is only recognition of what’s real. You are real. You are in God, and God is in you. You are already enlightened, and all you need is to be aware of it.

You Can’t Work On Your Enlightenment

Whenever you desire enlightenment, or try to journey toward it, or do something to seek it, you create a distance between One-Self  and enlightenment. All distance is a product of the mind, and every desire is a fantasy. You are not the fantasy: you are real. Enlightenment means the disappearance of fantasies, desires, and dreams.

When there’s no desire, there’s no mind. Without the mind, there are no thoughts. Without thoughts, there’s no future and no past. What remains is the present moment, the now. So you are now, and you just have to re-member it.

Can you create the conditions for the now to appear? Can you create the conditions for enlightenment? Who is creating the conditions? The now is creating all this—the infinite self-evident fact. Can you see it? Just remember it and you are it.

The mind is trying to create something that cannot be created. How can you create existence? How can you create your nature? You can only be the creativity, rejuvenating your awareness. This is how you re-connect to the now.

Even if you think you are completely enlightened, you aren’t. If you think you have attained enlightenment, you are still wondering about it within the mind.

Give up the idea of becoming aware of this moment of now. Give up the idea of becoming enlightened. Give up all thought of good and bad, right and wrong. Don’t interfere with the traffic of thought—don’t try to control the movement of your thoughts. Think of not thinking. What does this mean? Leave thinking as it is. Be creative within what is.

Enlightenment Is All About Being Natural

Enlightenment isn’t doing; it’s happening. It isn’t a mechanical, technical exercise. Neither is it like ambition or achievement. Enlightenment is dropping all desires, ambitions, and goals. It’s dropping all attachments, appearances, identifications, and beliefs.

You don’t have to climb the mountain to reach the top. You are the mountain, so there’s no need to climb it. You are already enlightened; you just have to remember this self-evident fact. In order to remember it, you have to totally dissolve into nothingness. But you cannot “do” dissolving in order to be what is yours essentially and existentially forever. You have to allow dissolving to emerge from awareness. This is the middle point.

Enlightenment Is Nothingness

At the top of the mountain, you are in love with One-Self, and you are aware of it. At the bottom of the mountain, you are still in love with One-Self, but you are unaware of it. That’s the difference. You are always where you need to be, right now. Are you aware where you are?

There’s no difference between a material and spiritual search—it’s the same thing. Whenever you are in search of power or enlightenment, recognition or humility, prestige or divinity, you are in a state of separation.

The mind involves a separation from the whole. The mind is full of desires and objective goals. You don’t need to renounce the world to actualize your full potential, your enlightenment. You just need to renounce your ambition to achieve something special, your desire to experience an extraordinary phenomenon.

Enlightenment is a very ordinary state of joyful being. This ordinariness is the most extraordinary of divine experiences. To be extraordinary is to be tied up in the mind. To be ordinary, you need to renounce your mind. Without the mind, there’s no desire to reflect your dreams, and no belief or expectation of achieving extraordinary phenomena.

Your ultimate truth is in a no time zone. Time and space are needed to journey outward. The inner journey isn’t a journey at all. It is quiet, silent, relaxed, meditative love. You are the ultimate truth. You don’t need to search for One-Self. Just relax and be in One-Self.

Desires travel in time, and dreams travel in space. In no-time, there’s no travelling. In no-space, there’s nothing to find.

Awareness is doing nothing. If nothing is happening in your journey, you are closer to the ultimate truth. If you become nothingness, you are enlightened.

Everything comes from you; it flows through you to you. Every atom, molecule, and cell of your being contains a truth: “You are the whole. You, as the individual wholeness, are an essential part of universal wholeness, unique and irreplaceable. You are Immortal light, ultimate awareness. You are Infinite health. You are divine. You are God. You are being, the essence of All-That-Is. Everything comes from you; it flows through you to you. You are the essence of everything that exists. Everything comes out of essence and returns back to essence. As your infinite One-Self, you are in infinite peace rooted in the heart of infinite existence, exactly at the middle point. You are the essence of limitless possibilities. You are the infinite awareness of infinite love and Infinite truth, right where you are.”

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