I come across this September 11, 2009 article, “You’re not intelligent enough to marry, bride told” from Mail Online (UK’s news from the Daily Mail), where Scottish Social Services’ banned a woman from getting married as she was “not intelligent enough”

‘Social workers banned a young woman from her own wedding in an extraordinary row over whether she is bright enough to get married. Kerry Robertson, who has mild learning difficulties, was told her wedding was being halted just 48 hours before she was to walk up the aisle with fiancé Mark McDougall. She now faces a psychologist’s assessment to determine if she is too unintelligent to get married.’

A social service is nothing more than power politics, a desire to exploit and be powerful over others. Every social system depends on exploitation. Serving others seems a great virtue, however when you add social in front of that service, it then becomes mischievous.

There is a common belief that social workers are servants for the people. In the country where my body was born (the Former Yugoslavia), I remember my mother and all her friends being very afraid of social workers. They could come at any time and take your children away – for no reason at all. If you expressed a negative comment regarding an authority figure, or joked about the communist party, you could be punished and haveyour children taken away from you. You became a threat, an unsuitable cancerous part of society. Why is that? You are the property of the state, that’s why. You are owned by society.

When I was eight years old, my aunt told me about a story of the wicked witch who snatched children away from their families and cooked them in a large pot of boiling water full of carrots. I asked her who the wicked witch was and she said it was like a social services worker. In that country where my body was born, in orderto serve the people – to be a social worker – you had to belong to the communist party. If you belonged to a certain party, you were not serving the people, you were serving the party.

I lived in England for 10 years, and noticed how the people there were just as scared of social services as the people back in the Former Yugoslavia. One of my friends had a daughter who was five years old and when she injured the area surrounding her vagina; her father was disturbed by the thought of looking at the injury or even taking her to the doctor. When I asked him what the problem was, he said, “If I touch her vagina, she might talkto the other kids or even the teacher in Kindergarten or if I take her to the doctor, he may inform social services, who will immediately inform the police. Either way, I could be accused of sexual abuse.” I asked him why he cared when he knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong and he responded, “I know, but they don’t care. Once you are labeled by the authorities, they can come at any moment and take my daughter away from me.” I asked him what he ended up doing. He said, “I called my wife and asked her to come home immediately from work to look at the injury and take her to the doctor.” I said, “So, your wife came home then?” He said, “Yes, but she did not understand.” He went on to explain that his wife wondered why he had thought this was an emergency when he could have very easily taken care of it himself. He told her he had been afraid to handle the situation on his own. I could not believe what I was hearing. I said to him, “I understand your point, but I stilldon’t understand why you were – and still are – in fear? What is stopping you from being you? It seems youhave an obligation to someone, or something, but to whom? Who is your master? Who is your owner?” After that conversation, he stopped all communication with me. I know why – I had challenged his consciousness.

People are following orders and fulfilling obligations placed upon them by the authorities. People are unconscious. If you are unconscious, you will submit to authority, which ultimately creates slavery. Read more about this topic under ‘Submission to the collective unconsciousness is slavery’,

Just recently, the UK Government introduced an immunization program for teenage girls, to protect them from the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) which causes 70 per cent of cervical tumors. They vaccinated two million school girls, and two thousand of these girls suffered suspected ill-effects from this cervical cancer vaccine. Doctors’ reports show that girls of 12 and 13 years of age have experienced convulsions, fever and paralysis after being given this vaccine, which is now being administered in schools as part of an effort to prevent women from developing cancer. Others have suffered nausea, muscle weakness, dizziness and blurred vision, according to a special report drawn up by drug safety watchdogs:

Society is a disease. Social workers don’t serve the people’s needs; they serve the social needs and their own needs. They cannot exist without doing ‘well’ to someone else; they cannot exist without serving others. We need to wake up and become more mature in consciousness. Society doesn’t exist; it is just a consensus reality which means we are all indoctrinated to believe in it, we all unconsciously agree to its existence. Individuals do exist, and only individuals exist. God is individual – the Oneness. The Oneness is expressing itself through the infinite pieces, and every single individual piece – in its own individual divine right and freedom – acts as the Oneness. We are all God. No social justice, social revolution or social service can replace the individual divinity.

How does the motto, “My work is to serve”, sound to you? This motto is full of arrogance: “I am serving you foryour own sake” or in other words, “In serving you, I am saying that you are not intelligent, so trust me”.

Before you start serving anyone else, be absolutely humble. How can you serve anyone else unless you attainyour own inner consciousness, your own inner being first? If you own your inner light, you will shine with love and compassion. You will help the person to educate his own being. Education means to draw out your essence, intelligence, love and your consciousness. You will help the person to be free, to be an individual. Ifyou do not own your own ‘inner light’ you will create chaos, you will indoctrinate people. If you have a light within, naturally you will share it with the whole existence, but if you don’t, how can you share that which youdon’t have?

When you eliminate society, the service will still exist. But that service will come from love – to love. Society cannot teach you love, it can only teach you fear. Fear can only serve fear. The ego-mind can only serve the ego-mind. In serving society, you are serving fear; you are possessed by the social ego-mind. You are not, however, your social-mind. You are divine. You can only serve your divine One Self, you can only serve your individual love and compassion, and then you can share it with others. That is real service. Sharing is the only service you can give to the world. Service, without society, is transformational. In service to love, there is no conflict, chaos, orders, submissions, obligations or duties; there is only love and freedom. If the person you are serving wishes to attain his/her own inner consciousness, their own inner divine light, they have every right todo so. If a person does not wish to open to their being, you have to respect this, for this person is the oneness wanting to experience limitation.

And, who are you to tell people that they are not intelligent? Society does not like intelligence – it likes intellect – it likes the mind. That is why the current education system is really just indoctrination, a suppression of our intelligence. Do you know your center? Intelligence is something that comes when you dropyour intellect, your ego-mind. If you are really intelligent, you will put your mind where you put your shoes. The mind is just an instrument to be used, but not to be used by it.

If you are responding to your own inner consciousness, your being, you will discover love and compassion, and that is intelligence. If you are not aware of your love and compassion, you are not intelligent. You might be well educated, knowledgeable, popular, rich, respected and powerful, but if you are not aware of your own divine oneness in your being, then you are an ignorant individual.

A stupid person will say, “I know”; whereas an intelligent person will say, “I don’t know”. Do you see the difference? Move your attention to your own being. Acknowledge when you don’t know something. You are the unknown. The existence is unknown. The moment now is unknown. God is unknown. Pay attention to your inner unknown. The intelligence is diving with full consciousness into the unknown – with respect, gratitude, love and trust – with the fullness of your being. There is a transcendence of both the known and the unknown,where only stillness and silence prevails. That stillness is enlightenment. You can only attain that stillness in meditation.

Every child is born with intelligence, and almost ninety-nine percent of children lose this intelligence through social ‘education’. It is society that actually creates unintelligence. In fact, the whole education system blocks the flowing nature of no-mind, suppressing consciousness and denying divine existence. Instead of consciousness being divine, it becomes a utility. To be a utility is below dignity.

Intelligent people do not judge, criticize, condemn, punish or reward. An intelligent person does not function out of someone’s orders, ideas, ideals, conditions, obligations or duties – nor do they function out of their past experiences (social, cultural, national or religious past). The individual functions in the present moment of now. He/she does not react from the attached past or projected future, but responds from his/her own inner enlightened being. An intelligent person lives in the right moment of now, allowing his/her own heart to share the bliss of being, for being to being. The intelligent person is very responsive; not forcing anything upon the heart, but just allowing and supporting love and growth. We are all here to celebrate life, to be more blissful, ecstatically creative in celebration and intelligence.

Love is anti-social. When two lovers look into each other’s eyes, they are totally absorbed with one another, and don’t bother with what’s going on in the world around them. They do not follow orders, vote in polling stations or listen to presidents or prime ministers. They merge into each other – singing, dancing, loving – celebrating life. This is very disturbing for the social structure.

I would suggest that every prime minister, politician, judge, policeman, soldier, and social worker learn this meditation and only then – after attaining their being – should they be allowed to serve the people, not before.

Ivan Rados

September 2009

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